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No experience needed – just the right person

The job is stimulating, varied, and open to people with little to no previous experience, as well as those who might bring a wealth of experience.

Pay: £10.50/hour

Hours: 10.5 hours per week comprising
3 x 3 hour shifts (open for discussion)
plus 6 short phone calls (time-specific)
There will also be the opportunity to do some extra shifts where it’s mutually beneficial and provide cover.

About me:
I love playing board games, drinking tea, interesting conversations, learning new things, and hanging with my feline furball friend, Frankie, who is very judgemental, but gentler and kinder than she makes out.

I enjoy cooking and trying new flavour combinations. I like to get outside into nature to feel a bit more grounded whether in the garden or out and about.

I am neurodivergent, have complex health issues including being very vulnerable to infections, such as Covid 19.

I am unable to work but am keen to still make a positive difference in the world where I can alongside improving my own well-being. This might look like different things at different times.

Job Description:
Supporting me to access stuff. This might include accompanying me to medical appointments or supporting me to organise and get to social activities I may wish to attend. As I don’t drive and can struggle with travel, a driver with their own vehicle is therefore preferred. BUT if you don’t drive or have your own vehicle but are confident and comfortable with public transport please don’t let that put you off.

Helping me maintain a clean and organised environment. This is not just cleaning, although that might be part of it. It’s also about decluttering and problem-solving strategies together that will in the long term maintain and facilitate further independence.

Encouraging pacing and self-compassion. Life can get quite busy and whilst some disability and health factors can make these tricky pacing and self-compassion are vital for all of us. I will need some help in these areas but it’s also important to me my PA values these things in their own life too.

Facilitate working towards changing personal goals. The prioritisation of my goals can change quite a lot due to changing health, arising personal circumstances etc. This can be difficult and frustrating when trying to return to things later. It is therefore helpful for me if PAs can enable me to periodically keep track of goals that are temporarily a bit further down the list, as well as supporting me to work towards my current priorities.

Supporting me to monitor and manage my medical conditions, including telephone reminders to take time-sensitive medication, cooking regularly, staying hydrated.

Person Specification

-Value neurodivergent and disabled people’s right to live full and rewarding lives.
-Take up all covid vaccines that you are eligible for within a reasonable time period. For most people this will mean that you should already have had at least two vaccines.
-Take other precautions to limit the spread of Covid 19 such as taking regular Covid tests, and wearing a face mask as deemed necessary by me, such as if travelling on public transport together or attending medical appointments. This requirement may change as Covid risk increases or decreases. PPE provided where necessary.
-Confident to carry out household tasks such as hoovering or cleaning the kitchen or bathroom as required, but can also support me to develop systems to facilitate as much independence and control over my space as possible
-Takes a collaborative and creative approach to problem-solving. Accepting that there is rarely if ever a single, right way to achieve an outcome. Appreciate the value in experimenting with an open-minded approach
-Understand that this role requires us both to navigate boundaries very well. You’ll mostly be working in my home and I will be your employer. This means that it is both very informal and yet maintenance of boundaries is vital. You need to be comfortable taking my instruction and guidance. You will have the opportunity to shadow other PA shifts and get guidance, but you will need to use your own initiative also.
-Supporting me with paperwork, forms, phone calls and other administrative tasks.

· Have a dark sense of humour
. Share my enjoyment of cooking (most of which will be plant based)
· Driver with own vehicle
. Have some experience providing formal or informal support that center what’s important to the people you're supporting
. Ideally some experience of doing the various tasks involved in running a household, including dealing with the relevant paperwork and correspondence.

There are good buses on Lewes Road close to my home and there is free parking available outside, other than Brighton & Hove Albion football match times (but that rarely if ever coincides with shifts).

Accessibility of the Workplace

Applications are especially welcomed from people with their own access needs due to disability or neurodivergence. I am keen to make any reasonable adjustments needed and facilitate Access to Work applications should they be appropriate. Yet, due my health needs and disability there may be competing access needs. This may be particularly likely to affect those who for medical reasons can’t wear a face mask when needed or take the Covid 19 vaccine due to my own health.

Employees Rights and Benefits

This job provides holiday pay, that is calculated based on the number of hours you work
As a social care employee you will be able to access some training courses provided through the council if this is something you’re interested in. I can also point you in the direction of some good resources if you want to learn more about neurodivergence.
Permanent employment contract after 6 months subject to a successful trial period. Your employment, sickness and holiday pay rights are in situ from day 1.

Genders which may apply for this job – Any

Hours per week – 10 hours per week

Hourly rate – 10.50

Area – Brighton East

Driving licence required – No

Employer has pets – Yes

Employer is smoker – No

Noticeboard Advice

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